• tara

The Anti-Federalist Papers: Federal Farmer II

On this day in 1787, an author writing under the pseudonym “Federal Farmer” writes his second contribution to the anti-Federalist Papers. These papers argued against the new Constitution, then being considered for ratification by the states.

The Federal Farmer was worried about the size of the Congress. In a free government, there should be a “full and equal representation of the people in the legislature.” He thinks the Congress that has been proposed is too small. He is, of course, assuming that the national Congress will usurp power from the state legislatures. He does not think enough restrictions have been placed on the new U.S. government. Instead, under the proposed Constitution, he thinks that “the state governments must be annihilated, or continue to exist for no purpose.”

Please note that the authors of the Federalist Papers would later dispute that their Constitution gives such great power to the national government.