• tara

This Day in History: Regina Benson, WWII nurse

On this day in 2020, former Army nurse Regina Benson is honored with the Angel of Honor Award at the 14th annual Angels of the Battlefield Awards. Today, Benson is 101 years old and the oldest female World War II veteran living in Virginia.

In many ways, Benson’s award reflects the hard work of so many in the Greatest Generation. Countless nurses, medics, corpsmen, pararescuemen, and doctors served our country in World War II. They did it knowing that their service would remain mostly anonymous. Few would ever know the details of the efforts they made.

These medical personnel served anyway. They did it for love of country—and perhaps because they understood that freedom must be fought for and defended at every step.

“I accept this award not for myself but on behalf of all the medical personnel who served in World War II,” Benson said last year. “None of us deserved medals. We just did what millions of Americans did. We worked together, fought together and served