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Tara Ross Historian of Electoral College

Tara Ross is nationally recognized for her expertise on the Electoral College. She is the author of Why We Need the Electoral College (2019), along with multiple other books about the Electoral College. Her children's books include We Elect A President: The Story of our Electoral College (2016), She Fought Too: Stories of Revolutionary War Heroines (2019),  and We Fought for Freedom: The Story of Our American Revolution. Her Prager University video, Do You Understand the Electoral College?, is Prager’s most-viewed video ever, with more than 66 million views.

Tara Ross Portrait

Tara Ross on the Electoral College

“Tara Ross again presents a well-reasoned blend of sound historical analysis and simple common sense. Her latest book gives Americans even more reasons to support and preserve the Electoral College.”

Edwin Meese III

former U.S. Attorney General


“A compendium of legal and historical analysis that nevertheless proves utterly engrossing, The Indispensable Electoral College represents a really splendid achievement. Anyone who reads the volume will find himself thoroughly purged of any impulse to do away with the Electoral College, feeling instead a deep appreciation for the odd but essential institution. ‘Indispensable' is the word.”

Peter Robinson,

Fellow at the Hoover Institution and former speechwriter to President Reagan

“The Indispensable Electoral College is an essential primer on presidential elections in the United States. Tara Ross offers a sweeping and nuanced examination of the Electoral College and provides a compelling defense of our oft-misunderstood election system. Her easy narrative style deftly navigates a deep body of history, politics, and law.”

Derek T. Muller,

Associate Professor of Law, Pepperdine University School of Law

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