She Fought, Too: Stories of Revolutionary War Heroines

American schoolchildren have long heard the stories of American Revolutionary War heroes-men such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Paul Revere. They may even know about the more prominent women of that era-ladies such as Martha Washington or Abigail Adams. But America's fight for liberty included many lesser-known individuals as well: Men and women who gave what they could, when they could. These sacrifices added up to something magnificent: A miraculous victory against the large and powerful British army. "She Fought, Too: Stories of Revolutionary War Heroines" tells age-appropriate stories of sixteen women and girls who contributed to the American war effort, behind the scenes. An index contains more information on each of the girls, for parents and teachers who would like more information. Meet the 15- and 16-year-old girls who made brave dashes in the middle of the night, carrying warnings of British activity. Or meet the slave who was also a poet: She earned George Washington's respect at a critical moment during the war. Other women were spies, fundraisers-or simply brave in the face of adversity. "She Fought, Too" reflects a fundamental truth: Every person, every effort, always makes a difference-especially when you are fighting for liberty.

She Fought, Too: Stories of Revolutionary War Heroines


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