Enlightened Democracy: The Case for the Electoral College

Tara’s first book, Enlightened Democracy: The Case for the Electoral College, was released in 2004.  A revised and expanded edition of Enlightened Democracy will be released in September 2012.  This second edition will include new chapters addressing anti-Electoral College legislation that has been pending in many state legislatures (the National Popular Vote effort).

Enlighted Democracy Book CoverMore information on Enlightened Democracy is available below or through Tara’s publisher, Colonial Press. The book can also be ordered from Amazon.

Publisher’s Description (2nd edition): Pick up a newspaper and read about the Electoral College. It is a sure recipe for losing respect for the institution. Media commentators are swift to dismiss the institution as outdated and elitist, an anachronism that should be replaced by a direct popular vote. In recent years, this discontent has found a voice as a well-funded, California-based effort seeks to bypass the constitutional amendment process and effectively eliminate the Electoral College through a series of state laws.

Such efforts to eliminate the Electoral College are misguided, and this book shows why. Written in straightforward language, Enlightened Democracy traces the history of the Electoral College from the Constitutional Convention to the present. This second edition of the book is revised and expanded to include a new section about the National Popular Vote legislative effort. The Electoral College protects our republic and promotes our liberty. Americans should defend their unique presidential election system at all costs.

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