The Indispensable Electoral College: How the Founders’ Plan Saves Our Country from Mob Rule was released on October 30, 2017.

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Publisher’s Description (2nd edition): Is the Electoral College anti-democratic? It would certainly seem so. After all, the presidential candidate with the most popular votes has nevertheless lost the election at least three times, including 2016. To some Americans, that’s a scandal. They believe the Electoral College is an intolerable flaw in the Constitution, a relic of a bygone era that ought to have been purged long ago. But that would be a terrible mistake, warns Tara Ross in this vigorous defense of “the indispensable Electoral College.” Far from an obstacle to enlightened democracy, the Electoral College is one of the guardrails ensuring the stability of the American Republic. In this lively and instructive primer, Tara Ross explains:

• Why the Founders established the Electoral College—and why they thought it vital to the Constitution
• Why the Electoral College was meant to be more important than the popular vote
• How the Electoral College prevents political crises after tight elections
• Why the Electoral College doesn’t favor one party over the other
• Why the states are the driving force behind presidential elections and how efforts to centralize the process have led to divisiveness and discontent
• Why the Electoral College is inappropriately labeled a “relic of slavery”

Every four years, the controversy is renewed: Should we keep the Electoral College? Tara Ross shows you why the answer should be a resounding Yes! 


Enlighted Democracy Book CoverEnlightened Democracy: The Case for the Electoral College was released in 2004 (1st edition) and 2012 (second edition).  The second edition includes new chapters addressing anti-Electoral College legislation that has been pending in many state legislatures.

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Publisher’s Description (2nd edition): Pick up a newspaper and read about the Electoral College. It is a sure recipe for losing respect for the institution. Media commentators are swift to dismiss the institution as outdated and elitist, an anachronism that should be replaced by a direct popular vote. In recent years, this discontent has found a voice as a well-funded, California-based effort seeks to bypass the constitutional amendment process and effectively eliminate the Electoral College through a series of state laws.

Such efforts to eliminate the Electoral College are misguided, and this book shows why. Written in straightforward language, Enlightened Democracy traces the history of the Electoral College from the Constitutional Convention to the present. This second edition of the book is revised and expanded to include a new section about the National Popular Vote legislative effort. The Electoral College protects our republic and promotes our liberty. Americans should defend their unique presidential election system at all costs.

Under God Book Cover

Under God: George Washington and the Question of Church and State (with co-author Joseph C. Smith, Jr.), was released in 2008 (hardcover) and 2009 (paperback).

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Publisher’s Description: No American living in 1800 would have predicted that Thomas Jefferson s idiosyncratic views on church and state would ever eclipse those of George Washington let alone become constitutional dogma. Yet today’s Supreme Court guards no doctrine more fiercely than Jefferson’s antagonistic wall of separation between church and state. Washington’s sharply contrasting views, explored in this path-breaking new book, suggest a more reasonable interpretation of the First Amendment, one that is consistent with religion’s importance to the enterprise of democracy.

About the co-author:

Joseph C. Smith, Jr. is a graduate of Yale University and the University of Chicago Law School. A former deputy attorney general of Colorado, he practices law in Denver.

front coverNot sure how to explain the  Electoral College to your kids? Try We Elect a President: The Story of our Electoral College. Tara’s latest book will be released on September 12, 2016.

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Publisher’s Description: America’s unique presidential election system is often misunderstood-and perhaps especially hard to explain to our children. “We Elect a President: The Story of Our Electoral College” will help you and your family discover more about the Electoral College and its remarkable history. Why was it created in the first place? Does it still work today? Written in straightforward language and complemented with playful illustrations, “We Elect a President” explains how the Electoral College works and why it is still needed in a great, diverse country such as our own: As the Founders intended, the system continues to protect our republic and promote our liberty. “We Elect a President” is written by Electoral College expert Tara Ross and illustrated by Kate E. Cooper. It presents a fun, yet educational way to learn more about America’s too-often misunderstood presidential election system.

About the contributors:

Kate E. Cooper makes her debut as an illustrator in We Elect a President. Kate is a graduate of The Hockaday School in Dallas, Texas (2016) and will be attending college at the University of Notre Dame beginning Fall 2016. She has pursued the arts by earning scholarships to and studying in intensive painting programs at schools such as Columbia University and the Art Institute of Chicago, traveling abroad with Notre Dame to enrich her understanding of art history, and working with and painting portraits of the homeless at Austin Street Center.

Emma Ross feels like she’s been listening to her mom talk about the Electoral College for most of her life! When she was asked to give input from the perspective of a 4th grader (a target audience for the book), Emma was delighted to help. Emma helped generate ideas for one of the best features of We Elect a President: Real-life, modern examples that will help younger readers to grasp some of the book’s more intangible concepts. The examples helped Emma to better understand how Presidents are elected, and she hopes they will help your children, too. Emma looks forward to more writing ventures after this one!


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