This Day in History: Pennsylvania’s stormy debate over the Constitution

On this day in 1787, Pennsylvania becomes the second state to ratify the U.S. Constitution. You might imagine a bunch of dull Founders tamely approving a document, but the discussion in Pennsylvania was anything but tame! Instead, Pennsylvania’s story includes an irate minority, legislators hauled through the streets, and rousing speeches to huge crowds. Let’s […]

This Day in History: Andrew Jackson issues the Nullification Proclamation

On this day in 1832, President Andrew Jackson issues the Nullification Proclamation. In it, he claimed that states may not declare federal laws unconstitutional and then refuse to obey them. It was an event that contributed to the tension between North and South in the years before the Civil War. The Jackson-era nullification crisis came […]

This Day in History: San Antonio is surrendered to the Texian Army

On this day in 1835, Mexican General Martin Perfecto de Cos raises a flag of truce.   He was ready to surrender San Antonio to the Texian Army. The capture concluded the long Siege of Béxar. Texians were feeling pretty optimistic at this point in the Texas Revolution! Could it really be as easy as that?! […]

This Day in History: George Washington’s escape across the Delaware

On this day in 1776, American forces complete an escape across the Delaware River. It was just the latest in a long string of retreats from the British army. Surely George Washington was beginning to get tired of it all? If only he and his men could have known that the miraculous victory at Trenton […]