This Day in History: John Wilkes Booth is found hiding in a barn

On this day in 1865, John Wilkes Booth is shot and killed on a farm in Virginia. Did you ever wonder what happened to him in the days after he’d assassinated Abraham Lincoln? Booth’s infamous attack on Lincoln occurred as the President watched a comedy at Ford’s Theatre on Good Friday. Partway through the show, […]

This Day in History: Virginia militia make a stand at Petersburg

On this day in 1781, the battle of Petersburg is fought in Virginia. Some history books list the event as a “skirmish,” but it was surely more than that. The battle was fought by roughly 3,500 men and lasted for 3 hours! The British had not really focused on Virginia for most of the Revolutionary […]

This Day in History: John Paul Jones & his daring attack on Whitehaven

On this day in 1778, American naval captain John Paul Jones leads an attack on the British—on English soil! You may or may not know who Jones was. Born in Scotland, he moved to America in the 1770s, just as tensions were mounting between the colonies and Britain. Jones had a long (if checkered) history […]

This Day in History: Benedict Arnold, a hero before he was a traitor

On this day in 1775, Benedict Arnold and his company of foot guards demand the keys to the New Haven powder house. They’d heard about the action at Lexington and Concord, and they wanted to join the fight! Yes, this is the same Benedict Arnold who later became a traitor to the American cause. During […]

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