This Day in History: Hedy Lamarr, an unexpected heroine

On this day in 2000, Hedy Lamarr passes away. She was a well-known actress—but also a scientist who made a huge contribution to the technological revolution. You rely upon her work every day when you use your cell phone. She’s even been called the “Mother of Wi-Fi.” Nevertheless, many today have no idea what she […]

This Day in History: An airplane lands aboard an American warship for the first time

On this day in 1911, an airplane lands aboard an American warship for the first time. Eugene B. Ely was the pilot who accomplished this feat—and USS Pennsylvania was the vessel that welcomed him. Interestingly, Ely had made the attempt despite the fact that he couldn’t swim, hated the water, and sometimes suffered from seasickness! […]

This Day in History: Glenn L. Martin, an early aviation hero, is born

On this day in 1886, Glenn L. Martin is born. He’s possibly the biggest aviation hero that you’ve never heard of. 🙂 He is the “Martin” in Lockheed Martin. He designed America’s first twin-engine bomber. William Boeing was one of his students! His first company merged with one of the Wright Brothers’ enterprises. All of […]

This Day in History: The so-called “Hercules of the Revolution” passes away

On this day in 1831, the so-called “Hercules of the Revolution” passes away. Peter Francisco is another of those Patriots whose legacy has become a mixture of fact and fiction. But perhaps it is fitting that portions of his life are shrouded in mystery, given how he arrived in America. Francisco arrived in America in […]