The Anti-Federalist Papers: John DeWitt I

On this day in 1787, an author writing under the pseudonym “John DeWitt” writes his first contribution to the anti-Federalist Papers. These papers argued against the new Constitution, then being considered for ratification by the states. DeWitt’s points are simple. First, he wants everyone to slow down! The newly proposed Constitution should be considered carefully. […]

This Day in History: A little-known Founding Mother, Esther de Berdt Reed

On this day in 1746, Esther de Berdt Reed is born. Some say that she worked so hard to support the Revolution that she literally worked herself into an early grave. She was just shy of 34 years old when she passed away. Esther was the wife of Joseph Reed, the military secretary to George […]

This Day in History: Old Ironsides is launched!

On this day in 1797, Old Ironsides is launched! “Old Ironsides” is the nickname that was given to the USS Constitution, one of the first six frigates built for the U.S. Navy during the early years of our country. Initially, the frigate was used in the Quasi War with France and the Barbary Wars, but […]

This Day in History: The “infamous and rascally affair” in Annapolis

On this day in 1774, a letter is written about an “infamous and rascally affair.” You’ve heard of the Boston Tea Party, but did you know that Annapolis had one, too? Both the Boston and Annapolis Tea Parties were driven by the hated tax on tea. In 1773, the Boston Tea Party had been a […]

This Day in History: The British surrender to George Washington at Yorktown!

On this day in 1781, British General Lord Charles Cornwallis surrendered to American General George Washington, bringing an end to the Siege of Yorktown and effectively ending the American Revolution. Negotiations for that surrender had begun after Cornwallis first raised a white flag of surrender two days earlier, on October 17. Americans had won an […]

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