This Day in History: Benjamin Franklin’s son imprisoned as an enemy of America

On this day in 1776, the Continental Congress agrees to imprison William Franklin, the son of Benjamin Franklin and the last royal governor of New Jersey. William was the son of a living legend. That couldn’t have been easy! But he was also the illegitimate son of an unidentified woman during an era when that […]

This Day in History: The American flag is raised over Okinawa

On this day in 1945, Americans raise a flag over the Japanese island of Okinawa. The nearly three-month battle to capture the island was finally over. The Battle of Okinawa would prove to be one of the bloodiest in the Pacific during World War II. The war in the Pacific had been a grueling one. […]

This Day in History: The Japanese attack the American mainland

On this day in 1942, a Japanese submarine launches an attack on a fort in Oregon. Wait. What? A fort in Oregon, far away from so many World War II battlefields? Yes, you read that correctly. 🙂 The attack on Fort Stevens was one of a handful of times that the Japanese attacked the American […]

This Day in History: The Battle of Ramsour’s Mill devolves into a brawl

On this day in 1780, an outnumbered force of Patriot militia defeats more than 1,000 Loyalists at the Battle of Ramsour’s Mill. Although maybe it wasn’t exactly a battle in the traditional sense of the word. “To call the fight there a battle,” historian John Buchanan observes, “would lend it a formality it did not […]

This Day in History: Ronald Eric Ray’s action against the Viet Cong

On this day in 1966, a United States Army lieutenant leads his company in an action against the Viet Cong. Ronald Eric Ray would receive the Medal of Honor for his bravery and leadership on this day so long ago. One has to wonder if Ray was practically destined for such military service? He was […]