This Day in History: British Royal Governor James Wright is arrested

On this day in 1776, British Royal Governor James Wright is arrested by American colonists. The British were surely shocked. Wright had been their most successful Royal Governor, even managing to collect taxes under the much-hated Stamp Act. But even Wright could hold back the revolutionary spirit in his colony for only so long. By […]

This Day in History: President John Tyler, “His Accidency”

On this day in 1862, former President John Tyler passes away. You probably don’t know too much about Tyler. His presidency was fairly unremarkable — except for the congressional resolution to annex Texas, of course! Having said that, Tyler set one very important precedent: What happens when a President dies in office? It had never […]

This Day in History: Carole Lombard’s tragic WWII War Bonds tour

On this day in 1942, American film actress Carole Lombard is tragically killed in a plane crash as she returns from a WWII War Bonds tour. Her trip had been part of Hollywood’s early response to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Lombard was between movies; her husband, Clark Gable, was chair of Hollywood’s newly […]

This Day in History: Edwin Stanton avenges Lincoln’s death

On this day in 1862, Edwin Stanton is confirmed as Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of War. He’d been nominated only two days earlier. It’s hard to imagine such an easy confirmation process these days, isn’t it? Stanton would become one of Lincoln’s closest advisors, so perhaps it is unsurprising that he rushed to Lincoln’s side when […]