This Day in History: George Washington is born in Virginia

On this day in 1732, George Washington is born. “No American is more completely misunderstood than George Washington,” one of his biographers writes. “He is generally believed to have been, by birth and training, a rich, conservative, British-oriented Virginia aristocrat. As a matter of fact, he was, for the environment in which he moved, poor […]

This Day in History: USS Bismarck Sea sunk by kamikazes at Iwo Jima

On this day in 1945, kamikazes plow into American warships near Iwo Jima. One aircraft carrier, the USS Bismarck Sea, was fatally wounded. A handful of other American ships were also hit, but they managed to stay afloat. One observer would later say that there were so many Japanese planes that “they looked like a […]

This Day in History: Abraham & Mary Lincoln lose their son

On this day in 1862, Abraham Lincoln’s son, Willie, passes away. He’d been gravely ill for weeks. It was the second time that Abraham and Mary Lincoln would lose a child. Unfortunately, only one of the Lincolns’ four sons would live past the age of 18. Willie was the Lincolns’ third son. Was he extra […]