This Day in History: The Sons of Liberty take action in Massachusetts

On this day in 1765, the Sons of Liberty destroy Massachusetts Lt. Governor Thomas Hutchinson’s home. The move came mere months after the British Parliament passed the much-detested Stamp Act. Let’s just say that the colonists were still pretty furious about the move to tax them. “Such and so universal has been the Resentment of […]

This Day in History: George Washington & his mother

On this day in 1789, George Washington’s mother passes away from breast cancer. Did you ever wonder about his mother? Did the two get along? What was their relationship like? Not much is known about Mary Ball Washington’s early years, but we know that she was an orphan by the time she was 12 years […]

This Day in History: Dolley Madison escapes from the British

On this day in 1814, First Lady Dolley Madison saves a full-length portrait of George Washington from British troops. She also saved some other White House valuables and a copy of the Declaration of Independence. Her heroism occurred during the War of 1812 between Americans and the British—essentially our second fight for independence. President James […]