This Day in History: Thomas R. Norris brings two downed airmen home

On this day in 1972, a Navy SEAL begins a multi-day rescue that would ultimately earn him the Medal of Honor. Two U.S. Air Force airmen had been shot down behind enemy lines! Making matters worse, one of the downed airmen knew critical information about U.S. capabilities. It was Thomas R. Norris’s job to make […]

This Day in History: The 17th Amendment is ratified

On this day in 1913, the 17th Amendment is ratified. For the first time in American history, voters would be able to directly elect their United States Senators. The decision seems like a no-brainer. Shouldn’t the people get to elect their own Senators? Well, maybe not. The debate surrounding the 17th Amendment is eerily similar to […]

This Day in History: The first (and last) celebrations of Army Day

On this day in 1949, Americans mark the last national observance of Army Day. Did you know that we used to celebrate Army Day on April 6 of each year? April 6 is the anniversary of the day that we entered World War I. How many opportunities we took to reinforce patriotism in those days. […]

This Day in History: Second Lt. Vernon Baker survives a German grenade

On this day in 1945, a U.S. soldier engages in an action that would earn him the Medal of Honor. Second Lt. Vernon Baker was lucky to survive the experience! In fact, he probably wouldn’t have survived but for the fact that one of the German grenades thrown his way turned out to be a […]