California to Join National Popular Vote Compact

Anti–Electoral College forces achieved a significant victory today. The state senate in elector-rich California has voted to join the controversial National Popular Vote movement. Bill advocates in the state senate plan to send the bill to the assembly immediately; they hope that NPV can be re-approved there and forwarded to the governor, perhaps by the […]

Vermont Legislators Vote Against the Electoral College

Vermont is one gubernatorial signature away from joining an effort to ditch the Electoral College. The Vermont legislature gave final approval to the National Popular Vote plan last week. (More details regarding the mechanics of the legislation can be found here.) As a legislator, Governor Shumlin once sponsored the bill, so he is expected to […]

Opponents of the Electoral College Try a ‘Tea Party’ Strategy

Much of the country is understandably focused on the revolution in Egypt, but an equally life-changing — if more stealthy — revolution continues here at home in America. Its proponents are attempting to win support by latching on to the highly successful Tea Party movement. But their cause is the precise opposite of what the […]

Update on South Dakota’s NPV Bill

Good news for the Electoral College in South Dakota! Since my post this morning, the National Popular Vote legislation has been defeated in that state. I mentioned that NPV is trying a new “Tea Party” approach to selling its bill in some red states. The strategy appeared to be working in South Dakota, at first. […]

D.C. Mayor Ditches the Electoral College

The National Popular Vote plan is one step closer to becoming law in Washington, D.C. Last week, Mayor Adrian Fenty signed the bill, which was approved by the D.C. Council in September. Congress has 30 days to object to the bill. NPV has long denied that its plan is an end-run around the constitutional amendment […]