This Day in History: Ellis Island releases its last immigrant

On this day in 1954, Ellis Island releases its last immigrant. The island’s immigration center had been in operation since 1892. Did you know that the federal government wasn’t always in charge of immigration? For many years, the states performed this task! By the end of the 1800s, however, more and more immigrants were coming […]

This Day in History: A massive blackout cripples the Northeast

On this day in 1965, a massive blackout cripples the Northeast. At first, no one knew what to think! The Cold War was then being silently waged. Had a missile struck somewhere? “Was there anyone whose mind was not touched,” the New Yorker would ask, “at least fleetingly, by the conviction that this was it—that […]

This Day in History: USS San Jacinto picks a fight with Great Britain

On this day in 1861, the captain of the USS San Jacinto fires shots at a British mail steamer, the RMS Trent. He seizes two Confederate emissaries who were aboard. The so-called “Trent Affair” nearly provoked a war between the United States and Great Britain! Can you imagine? What if Union forces had been at […]

This Day in History: William Henry Harrison & the Battle of Tippecanoe

On this day in 1811, the Battle of Tippecanoe is fought between Shawnee warriors and Americans led by future President William Henry Harrison. At the time, Harrison was serving as Governor of the Indiana Territory. His job was to negotiate treaties with Indian tribes in the area and to obtain as much land as possible […]