This Day in History: Americans’ costly victory at the Battle of Oriskany

On this day in 1777, American forces hold out against a British siege. They were trapped inside Fort Schuyler, but help was on the way! Or so they thought. Unfortunately, those anticipated reinforcements would be ambushed before they ever reached Fort Schuyler. The resulting Battle of Oriskany has been called one of the bloodiest battles […]

This Day in History: Survivors of USS Indianapolis rescued

On this day in 1945, the last survivors of the USS Indianapolis are pulled from the Pacific Ocean. They’d been there since a Japanese submarine had torpedoed and sunk Indianapolis on July 30. They had just finished delivering parts for the Little Boy atomic bomb to American bombers! Now, because of communication gaffes, their ship […]

This Day in History: The Declaration of Independence is signed

On this day in 1776, the Declaration of Independence is signed. If you’re surprised to hear that it wasn’t signed on July 4, then you’re in good company! Even Thomas Jefferson and John Adams later became confused about when they signed. Maybe Jefferson had cause to be distracted that summer. Would you believe that he […]

This Day in History: The probable inspiration for Uncle Sam

On this day in 1854, the man who was the probable inspiration for Uncle Sam passes away during a cholera epidemic. Did you know that there was likely a real person behind the Uncle Sam character that you are used to seeing? Samuel Wilson was born on September 13, 1766, in Massachusetts.   Legend has it […]