This Day in History: The quiet guy who earned the Medal of Honor

During this week in 1928, a future Medal of Honor recipient is born in Hawaii. Herbert K. Pililaau never lived to see his home become a state. Instead, when Pililaau was killed in action, Hawaii was still only a United States territory. Surely no one expected the quiet Hawaiian to one day earn the Medal […]

This Day in History: The nearly forgotten story of Apollo 12

On this day in 1929, a future astronaut is born. Richard “Dick” Gordon, Jr. was aboard Apollo 12 when that spacecraft was struck by lightning. Did you know that one Apollo mission nearly ended in disaster because of a lightning strike? Apollo 12 tends to get lost in the shadows of the more famous Apollos […]

This Day in History: Rutherford B. Hayes & his controversial election

On this day in 1822, a future President of the United States is born. Rutherford B. Hayes’s election would be one for the record books! Would you believe that the 1876 election wasn’t decided until two days before Inauguration Day? It makes the contentious 2000 election look like a picnic. The election had started uneventfully […]

This Day in History: The Founders, the First Amendment, & Religious Freedom

On this day in 1789, President George Washington issues his first Thanksgiving Proclamation. Congress had asked him to do so, and he wasted no time in complying with the request. It was something that he had done many times before as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. The timing of the proclamation tells a story regarding […]

This Day in History: The first shots of the Texas Revolution

On this day in 1835, the Texas Revolution begins! Did you know that the first battle was fought because Texans decided that the Mexicans would have to pull an old, small cannon out of their cold, dead hands? Does that fact, alone, explain my home state?! 😉 The Texas Revolution wasn’t fought entirely over one […]