This Day in History: The origins of the “Sons of Liberty”

On this day in 1765, the term “Sons of Liberty” is used in a letter written by Jared Ingersoll, Sr. The term would soon be adopted by many American patriots, and these “Sons of Liberty” would fight against British tyranny. Perhaps most memorably, of course, the Sons of Liberty were responsible for the Boston Tea […]

This Day in History: The failed attempt to kidnap General George Washington

On this day in 1780, Lt. Gen. Wilhelm von Knyphausen and his men attempt to capture General George Washington.[i] Did you know that there was a plot to kidnap Washington just 20 short months before the British surrender at Yorktown? Fortunately, the kidnapping attempt failed. Once again, the American Revolution survived what could have been […]

This Day in History: Apollo 14 returns from the moon

On this day in 1971, the crew of Apollo 14 splashes down in the Pacific Ocean. The astronauts had just become the third NASA crew to walk on the moon. NASA had come a long way! Less than one year earlier, Apollo 13 had failed to accomplish the very same mission. Instead, one of its […]