This Day in History: Staff Sergeant Reckless, the mare who was a U.S. Marine

On this day in 1968, Staff Sergeant Reckless passes away. This particular United States Marine was a horse. Yes, you read that right. The horse was so valuable to (and loved by) the Marines that she was promoted all the way up to Staff Sergeant. 🙂 Indeed, she was so well respected that her last […]

This Day in History: The “Bonus Army” comes to Washington, D.C.

On this day in 1933, a so-called “Bonus Army” protests in Washington, D.C. Less than one year earlier, the original Bonus Army had been driven out of town by none other than General Douglas MacArthur. The U.S. Army forcing U.S. veterans out of town? Not a pretty sight. The concerns driving the marchers began years […]

This Day in History: The Second Continental Congress gets down to business

On this day in 1775, delegates from the American colonies convene in a Continental Congress. They’d met the day before to appoint officers and to ask that the Reverend Duché be available to start the next day’s proceedings with prayer. Now they were ready to get down to business. The Congress was badly needed! Armed […]