This Day in History: The first submarine attack….during the American Revolution?!

On this day in 1776, Americans launch the first submarine attack. They hoped to break a British blockade of New York harbor. The submarine was the work of David Bushnell, an inventor from Connecticut. He called his submarine the “Turtle” because it was like “two upper tortoise shells of equal size, joined together.” The Turtle […]

This Day in History: Matthew Thornton, Signer of the Declaration

On or around this date in 1714, a signer of the Declaration of Independence is born. Well, to be completely accurate, no one knows exactly when Matthew Thornton was born, but it seems to have been sometime in the year 1714. Isn’t it amazing that we know so little about some of the Signers? They […]

This Day in History: Wake Island is returned to American hands

On this day in 1945, Wake Island is finally returned to American hands. The Japanese had been in possession of the island since December 1941. Wake Island had not fallen without a fight. That little island is part of a small atoll, lying about halfway between Hawaii and Japan. By the early 1940s, the United […]

This Day in History: The Stars & Stripes at the Battle of Cooch’s Bridge

On this day in 1777, the Battle of Cooch’s Bridge occurs. Some believe this battle was the first at which the Stars and Stripes were flown. Appropriate, if so? This battle was the only Revolutionary War battle to occur in Delaware—later the first state to ratify the Constitution. The battle occurred mere days after General […]

This Day in History: Robert D. Maxwell, an unlikely hero turned Medal recipient

During this week in 1944, a hero throws himself on a grenade to save his fellow soldiers. Amazingly, Robert D. Maxwell would live to tell the tale. Indeed, when Maxwell passed away earlier this summer, he was the oldest living Medal of Honor recipient. Perhaps Maxwell was an unlikely hero? His Quaker grandfather had been […]