Now Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has me joining “boo-bird chorus” #ElectoralCollege

I find it interesting that so many media outlets are focusing on the negative comments in my recent NRO article (; they have completely ignored the benefits that I listed for the Pennsylvania plan to change its allocation of electors ( Could it be that a liberal media wants the plan to fail because they […] Cites Me Incorrectly has a round-up of quotes regarding the proposal to change the manner in which electoral votes are awarded in Pennsylvania. On this page, I have been incorrectly placed in the “against” camp. I am neither for nor against. I am neutral. The website claims: “Tara Ross at National Review argues that the plan […]

Is Pennsylvania Hijacking the Presidential Election?

Readers of this blog will remember that the National Popular Vote campaign is striving to effectively eliminate the Electoral College by asking states to allocate their electors to the winner of the national popular vote, rather than the winner of state popular votes. Now, it looks like NPV’s long road to changing the Electoral College […]

California to Join National Popular Vote Compact

Anti–Electoral College forces achieved a significant victory today. The state senate in elector-rich California has voted to join the controversial National Popular Vote movement. Bill advocates in the state senate plan to send the bill to the assembly immediately; they hope that NPV can be re-approved there and forwarded to the governor, perhaps by the […]