New Book Takes on Anti-Electoral College Activists

I am pleased to announce the release of Enlightened Democracy: The Case for the Electoral College (2nd edition) early next week. It’s been eight years since the first edition was released in 2004 and much has happened since then! In 2006, a dangerous anti-Electoral College movement was formed. For the past six years, this group has […]

Debunking More “Swing State” Myths

Anti-Electoral College activists have many complaints about our current system. One common complaint is that the Electoral College creates a world in which “only swing states matter.”  National Popular Vote, for instance, argues for reform because it would achieve at least one “democratic outcome”: It would “generate greater voter interest and turnout in presi­dential elections because election […]

A President for the People, not for the Moment

I enjoyed this recent piece by history professor Daniel J. Singal: The Genius of the Electoral College. He is exactly right. Supporting the Electoral College means taking a long term view. The Founders faced the interesting challenge of creating a presidential election system that would serve a country composed of many regions, states, and interests. They […]

Don’t miss the biased moderator in this Electoral College debate!

The American University Washington College of Law hosted a panel about the National Popular Vote initiative this past April.  Don’t miss the end of the event when the moderator abandoned all pretense of neutrality and started arguing in favor of NPV! Panelists: John Samples, Director, Center for Representative Government, Cato Institute Jamin Raskin, Professor of Constitutional […]

Should the 17th Amendment Go Away?

Congressman Jeff Flake may have stepped into a bit of controversy when he recently wished that the 17th Amendment had never been passed: “I should just mention, on the 17th Amendment, I think it’s better as it reinforces the notion of federalism to have senators appointed by state legislatures,” Flake said. “Having said that, I’m […]