The Founders, the Ugly Fact of Slavery…..And What We Do With That Today

It seems almost inevitable.  If the Founders are extolled as wise men who gave us great and abiding constitutional principles that mean something, someone will bring up slavery.  The contempt drips from their voices.  They roll their eyes.  HOW can you admire the Founders?  HOW can you value anything they have to say?  They owned slaves!  Period. […]

FDR, the Constitution, and Obamacare

  What on earth does FDR — an early 20th century President — have to do with 21st century health care issues like Obamacare?  More than you might think. FDR laid the groundwork for American expectations that the federal government could intervene in matters such as health care.  He did this despite language to the contrary […]

#TDIH — America’s First Thanksgiving Proclamation

On this day in 1789, George Washington issued his first Thanksgiving Proclamation.  Earlier in the week, Congress had asked him to do so. Interestingly, the congressional request for thanksgiving and prayer came mere days after the Congress had approved several constitutional amendments, including the one that would eventually become the First Amendment to the United […]

Happy Birthday, Benjamin Harrison!

Happy birthday to President Benjamin Harrison!   He was the 23rd President of the United States, the grandson of President William Henry Harrison, and one of two Presidents to win the presidency despite losing the popular vote. [Side note: Electoral College opponents will say that four Presidents won the presidency despite winning the popular vote. Some will […]

Getting History Right

As a nation, we are often too ill-informed on our own history.  This is really unfortunate, because we need this knowledge if we are to be a successful self-governing people.  An informed people can be in charge of its government.  An uninformed people drifts along, too easily controlled by its government or the media. A few years ago, I […]