People keep asking why I wrote a book about the Electoral College, so…..

People keep asking me why I wrote a book about the Electoral College.  The answer is not what you might expect!  Here is an excerpt from the second edition of my book, which explains how I accidentally found myself writing a book about our presidential election system: This author is an accidental defender of the Electoral College. […]

Electoral College Myth: The Electoral College is Undemocratic

Myth number 3 in my series on Electoral College Myths! Myth: The person who wins the national popular vote should win the White House. The Electoral College does not guarantee such results and is thus undemocratic. Fact: The question is not “democracy” v. “no democracy.” The question is “democracy with federalism” (the Electoral College) v. […]

Electoral College Myth: The Founders Did Not Trust the People

Per my note on Wednesday, here is Myth #2 in my “Electoral College Myth” series.  Comments welcome! Myth: The Founders created the Electoral College because they did not trust the people to govern themselves. Fact: The Founders knew that the voice of the people must be reflected in the government if it was to be […]