A President for the People, not for the Moment

I enjoyed this recent piece by history professor Daniel J. Singal: The Genius of the Electoral College. He is exactly right. Supporting the Electoral College means taking a long term view. The Founders faced the interesting challenge of creating a presidential election system that would serve a country composed of many regions, states, and interests. They […]

Don’t miss the biased moderator in this Electoral College debate!

The American University Washington College of Law hosted a panel about the National Popular Vote initiative this past April.  Don’t miss the end of the event when the moderator abandoned all pretense of neutrality and started arguing in favor of NPV! Panelists: John Samples, Director, Center for Representative Government, Cato Institute Jamin Raskin, Professor of Constitutional […]

Should the 17th Amendment Go Away?

Congressman Jeff Flake may have stepped into a bit of controversy when he recently wished that the 17th Amendment had never been passed: “I should just mention, on the 17th Amendment, I think it’s better as it reinforces the notion of federalism to have senators appointed by state legislatures,” Flake said. “Having said that, I’m […]

Responding to the Huffington Post’s Anti-Electoral College Piece

Yesterday, Howard Steven Friedman lamented “The Anti-Democratic Electoral College” on the Huffington Post website.  Much of it was typical anti-Electoral College rhetoric that I have rebutted at length elsewhere, but a few observations on his piece: 1. Friedman begins his piece by declaring that “America was once a world leader in democracy, with innovations like […]

A “swing” state that is forgetting to be “swing” this year

Yet again, we see a small piece of evidence that there is no such thing as a permanently “safe” or “swing” state in presidential elections. The New York Times reports: Missouri, the state that was once considered the nation’s ultimate bellwether, looks as though it is likely to be out of reach for President Obama […]