Romney’s Electoral College Problem – or Obama’s?

Michael Medved writes a column in which he expresses concern that Mitt Romney might win the electoral vote, but lose the popular vote: The answer, he suggests, is for Romney to “campaign vigorously in all large states, even those with no realistic possibility for statewide GOP victory.” I respectfully disagree. To be fair, Medved […]

Will Louisiana be the First Red State to Adopt Anti-Electoral College Measure?

Surely Governor Bobby Jindal hopes the answer to that question is “no.”  Such a scenario is at odds with the reputation that he strives to maintain as a solid conservative. Unfortunately for him, the Louisiana legislature may not cooperate.  Many of its members seem intent on eliminating the Electoral College—an institution designed to protect small […]

Update on Anti-Electoral College Movement in Louisiana

An update to yesterday’s post ( The anti-Electoral College legislation has been scheduled for a floor debate on May 7. If you live in Louisiana, please call your state representative and encourage him to protect the Electoral College by voting NO on HB 1095. The Senate companion is SB 705. Find out who your state […]

Anti-Electoral College Bill on the Move in Louisiana

In a surprise move yesterday, Louisiana’s Committee on House and Governmental Affairs approved a piece of anti-Electoral College legislation. The bill is currently pending on the House floor, awaiting a vote. The Louisiana legislative website is not the most transparent ever, but it appears that NPV was voted out of committee yesterday, either with no […]

The National Popular Vote Plan: Federalist Society Podcast

Federalism & Separation of Powers and Free Speech & Election Law Practice Groups Podcast.  Taped April 20, 2012. Featuring: Prof. George C. Edwards III, University Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Texas A&M University Mr. Trent England, Vice President of Policy, The Freedom Foundation Dr. John R. Koza, Author, Every Vote Equal: A State-Based Plan for […]