This Day in History: FDR & Churchill plan ahead for D-Day

On this day in 1943, FDR and Winston Churchill are in the midst of the so-called TRIDENT Conference in Washington, D.C. The United States and the United Kingdom were then discussing the D-Day landings in Normandy. Did you know that the planning for D-Day started so far in advance? As FDR and Churchill talked, that […]

This Day in History: “In God We Trust” restored to U.S. coins

On this day in 1908, Teddy Roosevelt signs an act restoring the motto “In God We Trust” to certain U.S. coins. His decision to sign this piece of legislation came in the wake of an incident in which he’d tried to have the phrase removed from U.S. currency. “In God We Trust” was on U.S. […]

This Day in History: John Jay’s forgotten contributions to America’s founding

On this day in 1829, John Jay passes away. His name is unfamiliar to most modern Americans, but Jay played a critical role in the founding of our country. One little-known contribution was made in 1782, about ten months after the British surrender at Yorktown. John Jay and Benjamin Franklin were both then in Paris, […]

This Day in History: Benedict Arnold & the first USS Enterprise

On this day in 1775, Benedict Arnold sets his sights on Fort St. John’s, near the Canadian border. He would soon launch an attack on the garrison. Better yet, he would seize the largest British warship on Lake Champlain—all without firing a single shot! That ship would become the first of many American ships to […]