This Day in History: Everett Alvarez, Jr.’s long ordeal in North Vietnam

On this day in 1964, a U.S. Navy pilot arrives at the soon-to-be-infamous “Hanoi Hilton.” LTJG Everett Alvarez, Jr. would spend a stunning 3,113 days in captivity, making him one of America’s longest-held POWs. Alvarez’s troubles began on August 5. His plane took a hit during a bombing run, and he was forced to bail […]

This Day in History: A Spanish Admiral helps the American Revolution

On this day in 1780, the stage is set for a naval conflict among British, French, and Spanish ships. The British did not fare so well—which proved a huge boon to Americans on the other side of the Atlantic! At this point in the American Revolution, of course, both France and Spain were helping the […]

This Day in History: The Purple Heart Battalion of World War II

Today is Purple Heart Day! On this day in 1782, General George Washington creates a military award that would be the predecessor for the Purple Heart. Do you know the story of the “Purple Heart Battalion” that served with the United States Army? Perhaps today is a good day to remember and celebrate the bravery […]

This Day in History: Major Richard Bong, Ace of Aces

On this day in 1945, America’s “Ace of Aces” is killed during a routine test flight in California. Major Richard Bong’s death came just as aviators on the other side of the world were dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. News of both events stunned the country. No one could quite believe what had happened: […]