This Day in History: WWII’s Operation Dragoon is a smashing success

On this day in 1944, Operation Dragoon comes to an end. That campaign through southern France has been called “one of the most successful—and often overlooked—operations of World War II.” It has also been called France’s “other D-Day.” Indeed, that operation nearly occurred concurrently with Operation Overlord, the D-Day landings that you are used to […]

This Day in History: The final days of the Constitutional Convention

On this day in 1787, the Constitutional Convention draws to a close. The delegates turned to the subject of constitutional amendments. The then-existing draft of the Constitution gave state legislatures the ability to call for a Convention to propose amendments. The U.S. Congress had no similar power. Alexander Hamilton, delegate from New York, was dissatisfied […]

This Day in History: Edmund Pendleton, unsung Revolutionary War hero

On this day in 1721, a Patriot is born in Virginia. This man was not inclined to support the American cause of independence at first. But once he’d decided to join the cause, he never looked back! Did your history books ever teach you about Edmund Pendleton? He was born in rural Virginia to a […]

This Day in History: Robert G. Cole’s bravery in World War II

During this month in 1944, a soldier is shot and killed by a German sniper. Just a few months earlier, Robert G. Cole had thrown himself into danger—and survived! He never knew that he would receive the Medal of Honor for that action. The sniper got to him first. How sad. If he’d lived just […]