This Day in History: A last attempt to reconcile Britain and America

On this day in 1775, a member of Parliament rises and gives a speech in the British House of Commons. Edmund Burke urged members to reconcile with the American colonies, before it was too late. He spoke of the “anger and violence” that “prevailed every day more and more.” He feared that “things were hastening […]

This Day in History: Staff Sergeant Ysmael Villegas charges six enemy foxholes

On this day in 1945, a U.S. soldier charges not just one, but six enemy positions. Staff Sergeant Ysmael Villegas was then just one day shy of his 21st birthday. Unfortunately, he would be killed before he could celebrate the milestone. The man that was known as “Smiley” to his family and friends would be […]

This Day in History: Thomas McKean, President before George Washington?

On this day in 1734, Thomas McKean is born. He was President of the United States before George Washington was! Well, sort of. 😉 McKean was a President under the Articles of Confederation, not the U.S. Constitution. But when George Washington won his victory at Yorktown, he reported it to McKean. McKean held many positions […]

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