This Day in History: The Woman who signed the Declaration of Independence

On this day in 1738, a publisher of the Declaration of Independence is born. Did you know that the Declaration, including the names of all the signers, was first printed by a woman? Mary Katherine Goddard was the daughter of a physician and postmaster. After her father’s death, the family moved around a bit. With […]

This Day in History: Nazi saboteurs invade the United States

On this day in 1942, four Nazi saboteurs invade mainland America. They’d traveled across the Atlantic aboard a German submarine, coming ashore near Amagansett, New York. Another submarine carrying four more Nazis would soon land in Florida. These eight men were on a mission: They were supposed to sabotage railroads, bridges, water facilities, and factories. […]

This Day in History: Ruth Law, daring aviatrix and “Queen of the Aces”

On this day in 1919, American aviatrix Ruth Law breaks an altitude record. It was just one of many records that she’d break! Indeed, Law was so well-known during her day that reporters used to call her Angel Ruth or Queen of the Aces. And yet most Americans today have never heard of this daring […]