NY Times: Is Minnesota a Battleground Again?

Once every four years, we hear a lot of moaning and groaning from anti-Electoral College activists who claim that “most states don’t matter” and that the President will be elected by only a handful of swing states.  I mean, really!  If you don’t live in a swing state, why bother to vote at all? These opponents […]

George Washington: Religion is more than tolerated. It is essential.

Joe and I have a letter in the Wall Street Journal today.  The letter is reprinted below. America’s founders wanted those of a variety of faiths to feel welcome and included. However, we think Mr. Meyerson stops short of one key point that should also be emphasized, at least as it pertains to George Washington. […]

There They Go Again

This American Prospect author posts a short “history” of the Electoral College.  She claims the Electoral College was created partly to appease slaveowners and partly because the Founders were “priggish” and “doubted the intelligence” of ordinary citizens. There they go again, posting inaccurate histories of the Electoral College and hoping that you will find it impossible […]

Electing a President: Is Change Needed to Make Every Vote Equal?

Okay, I admit that I am a little behind in my reading. I’ve been tunnel-visioned on my book deadline. (Book manuscript submitted to printer yesterday – hurray!) So I just saw this exchange in The New York Times: Sunday Dialogue: Electing a President (Prof. Steven Brams argues in favor of the anti-Electoral College National Popular […]

George Washington v. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation

The Department of Defense is removing Bibles from its exchange stores at the request of an atheist group. The group objects to the fact that these Bibles are military editions, and it fears that some soldier might accidentally jump to the conclusion that the Bible is the official religious text of the U.S. military. So, […]