Going to Jail for Your Faith—in America?

Yesterday, a Breitbart news report confirmed the unthinkable: American soldiers could be court-martialed and sent to jail for the simple act of sharing their faith. Yes, you heard that correctly. America could take a step against religion that would surely make a dictator proud. All Americans should be horrified. If the government can squash Christianity, […]

The Electoral College, in a Nutshell

Recent posts on my Facebook page prompted me to create this chart.  Our Electoral College is under attack!  As with so many of our constitutional institutions, the system is a bit misunderstood but also vital to the health of our republic.  I hope this chart helps to show its importance, in a nutshell. Naturally, more […]

What would George Washington (not) do?

Apparently, some legislators in N. Carolina want to reserve their right to establish an official state religion. They state that the First Amendment is a restriction only on the federal government and not on the state governments. I generally agree that the Bill of Rights was ratified as a restriction on the federal government, not […]

Disgracing the Electoral College

“I do not, gentlemen, trust you!” thundered Gunning Bedford at the Constitutional Convention. He was a small state delegate, speaking directly to those from the large states. “If you possess the power,” he continued, “the abuse of it could not be checked; and what then would prevent you from exercising it to our destruction?” The […]

Give me liberty or give me death!

Today is the anniversary of Patrick Henry’s famous line: “I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”  In the audience were such figures as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.  Many credit Henry’s speech with sparking the American Revolution. The full speech can be found […]