The National Popular Vote Plan: Federalist Society Podcast

Federalism & Separation of Powers and Free Speech & Election Law Practice Groups Podcast.  Taped April 20, 2012. Featuring: Prof. George C. Edwards III, University Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Texas A&M University Mr. Trent England, Vice President of Policy, The Freedom Foundation Dr. John R. Koza, Author, Every Vote Equal: A State-Based Plan for […]

Anti-Electoral College NPV pretends to be Pro-Electoral College

Support Popular Vote, a.k.a. National Popular Vote (NPV), has posted a response to a piece that I wrote last week. My piece here: Theirs here: NPV states: “Despite Tara Ross’ assertion to the contrary, the Electoral College will still exist under the Plan.” I have never denied that the Electoral College will still […]

Is the Election All About Swing States? Or Do Safe States Matter, Too?

The National Popular Vote crowd likes to gripe that presidential elections are “only” about a small number of swing states. According to NPV, the rest of the states don’t matter in presidential elections. These statements appear true if we look at one presidential election year, in isolation, but if we look at the full history […]

Anti-Electoral College group spends big money in the State of Rhode Island

Well no wonder a small state like Rhode Island is on the verge of passing the National Popular Vote (anti-Electoral College) measure. NPV is one of the state’s big spenders when it comes to lobbying. This new report shows that only four groups spent more on lobbying during the first three months of this year. […]

Missouri to Consider Dangerous Anti-Electoral College Legislation

A Missouri House committee is scheduled to consider dangerous anti-Electoral College legislation first thing tomorrow morning. Call your representative and urge a “no” vote on HB 1719. Bill information is here: Representative contact information is here: Please share this information with your friends in Missouri — and please don’t forget to “like” this […]