Which President was Elected by the House on This Day in History?

We are used to seeing Presidents elected through the Electoral College procedure.  Do you know who elects the President if no candidate obtains votes from a a majority of these electors?  The Constitution provides that the House of Representatives is to select the President in this situation.  In that House election, each state has one […]

February 5, 1937: FDR’s Court-Packing Plan & the Demise of States’ Rights

On February 5, 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt announced a plan to change the composition of the Supreme Court.  He had been stymied by a Court that steadfastly refused to approve many of his New Deal measures.  He was determined to get around the Court and to get his measures approved. The Supreme Court had […]

More on “Blowing up” the Electoral Vote

Yet another article about how Republicans are trying to “blow up” or “rig” the electoral vote, even as the MSM manages to ignore Democratic efforts along these lines…. This particular article contains an interesting statement.  Republican Saul Anuzis attempts to argue in favor of the anti-Electoral College NPV, but he is really making an argument against it:  He […]

Remembering George Washington’s Second Inauguration

Today, Barack Obama will be re-inaugurated (again!) as President, but he is only the latest in a long string of sitting Presidents to take the oath of office before embarking upon a second term. The original precedent was set by the nation’s first President, George Washington. He began his second term in office on March […]

Anti-Electoral College group caught with its hand in the cookie jar!

For those of you who have been following the ill-advised National Popular Vote legislation……You may get a chuckle out of this. NPV is a California-based group that is pushing election “reform.” It constantly pretends that its plan is not anti-Electoral College, and it vehemently rejects the contention that its legislation would eliminate the Electoral College system.  I hear it constantly […]