You Didn’t Know That You Love the Electoral College . . . But You Do!

I am thrilled that Prager University decided to put together two videos about our wonderful (if misunderstood) Electoral College. Many thanks to Dennis Prager for asking me to narrate!   The first video contains an easy 5-minute explanation of our Electoral College system. The second video contains a quick 5-minute explanation of recent legislative efforts […]

The Electoral College vs. The National Popular Vote Plan (VIDEO)

I just discovered this YouTube video of a debate that I participated in late last year.  Thanks again to the Federalist Society for hosting a panel on this important topic. FROM THE FEDERALIST SOCIETY: The Free Speech & Election Law Practice Group hosted this panel on “The Electoral College vs. The National Popular Vote Plan” on Friday, […]

What Was Your Favorite Presidential Debate Moment?

Tonight, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will face off in their first presidential debate. Will there be a moment that changes the direction of the race? Will one candidate land a verbal punch that will go down in the history books? What has been your favorite presidential (or vice presidential) debate moment from past years? […]

Don’t miss the biased moderator in this Electoral College debate!

The American University Washington College of Law hosted a panel about the National Popular Vote initiative this past April.  Don’t miss the end of the event when the moderator abandoned all pretense of neutrality and started arguing in favor of NPV! Panelists: John Samples, Director, Center for Representative Government, Cato Institute Jamin Raskin, Professor of Constitutional […]