This Day in History: The WWII Bombing of Hiroshima

On this day in 1945, Americans drop an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The bombing came not too long after Japan had rejected a final opportunity to surrender. The so-called Potsdam Declaration was issued through a combined statement of the United States, Great Britain, and China. “The time has come,” these Allies […]

This Day in History: Medals of Honor during Operation Tidal Wave

On this day in 1943, Operation Tidal Wave begins. Nearly 180 Consolidated B-24 Liberator bombers embark on a lengthy mission to destroy oil refineries in Ploesti, Romania. The mission has been called the “longest, bloodiest, most heroic bombing mission in history.” The day would come to be known as Black Sunday. Five men would receive […]

This Day in History: Lt. Col. Matt Urban & his Medal of Honor

On this day in 1980, Lt. Col. Matt Urban receives the Medal of Honor. That Medal had been a long time coming: Urban’s bravery came years earlier, during World War II. Usually, Medals are awarded for bravery during one particular conflict or for a specific act. But Urban received his Medal for continuous acts of […]

This Day in History: The top-secret Manhattan Project

On this day in 1945, the world’s first atomic bomb is detonated in New Mexico. The top-secret Manhattan Project had succeeded. Researchers had been working for decades to understand the nature of the atom. But that research took a new tone in the late 1930s, when radiochemists in Nazi Germany made a startling discovery: The […]