Medal of Honor Monday: Eugene Fluckey’s daring submarine attack

On this day in 1944, the submarine USS Barb begins a patrol of the Chinese coast. It was just one of several such patrols that the legendary submarine would make during World War II. But this patrol stood out from the others: Barb’s commander would launch an attack that the U.S. Navy later called “virtually […]

This Day in History: Glenn Miller disappears over the English Channel

On this day in 1944, big band leader Glenn Miller disappears over the English Channel. He and his plane were never found. Miller was a much-loved and successful musician of the era. He had a string of big hits, such as “Moonlight Serenade” and “In the Mood.” He’d worked on a few successful movies. He […]

Medal of Honor Monday: Louis J. Hauge, Jr. & the Battle of Okinawa

On this day in 1924, an American hero and a future U.S. Marine is born! Louis J. Hauge, Jr. would give his life in the Battle of Okinawa when he was only 20 years old.   His gallant actions on that day would be posthumously recognized with a Medal of Honor. The Battle of Okinawa was […]

This Day in History: The Attack on Pearl Harbor

On this day in 1941, the Japanese launch an attack on the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor. You already know the basics of the story, but do you know about the 16 men who received Medals of Honor for their bravery on this day 75 years ago? Some of the acts were relatively […]