This Day in History: An American victory at the Battle of Midway

On this day in 1942, the Battle of Midway is fought. The Japanese had taken Americans by surprise at Pearl Harbor mere months before. Now the United States would strike a decisive blow of its own. Americans entered battle with a priceless advantage: They’d recently broken a Japanese naval code. The U.S. Navy had a […]

This Day in History: World War II’s “Forgotten Battle”

On this day in 1943, the Battle of Attu comes to an end. It was an American victory! The Japanese had held two of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands for nearly a year—but now we’d won one back. The second would soon follow. The Battle of Attu was the only land battle fought in North America during […]

This Day in History: Desmond Doss’s Medal at the Battle of Okinawa

At about this time in 1945, a Seventh-Day Adventist engages in an action that would earn him the Medal of Honor. Desmond Doss would also become the only conscientious objector to receive a Medal of Honor for his service during World War II. Doss, of course, objected to the term “conscientious objector,” right from the […]

This Day in History: Medal of Honor recipients at the Battle of Anzio

During this week in 1944, Allied forces begin an effort that would ultimately bring the World War II Battle of Anzio to an end. That battle to help free Italy from the Axis powers had been ongoing for months! Twenty-two Americans would ultimately receive a Medal of Honor for their contributions to the effort. But […]

This Day in History: World War II’s most famous bomber, Memphis Belle

On this day in 1943, a B-17 Flying Fortress completes its 25th combat mission without losing a member of its crew. Memphis Belle would return to the United States, embark on a war bond tour, and become one of the most famous bombers to emerge from World War II. She was nearly sold for scrap […]