This Day in History: Olivia J. Hooker, Coast Guard heroine

On this day in 1915, an American heroine is born. Olivia J. Hooker would become the first black woman to serve in the United States Coast Guard. She sure survived a lot to get to that point. Trouble started early, during the Tulsa race riots of 1921. Olivia was then just a 6-year-old girl, living […]

This Day in History: Lance Corporal William Prom & his Medal of Honor

On this day in 1969, a United States Marine is ambushed—but goes down fighting! Lance Corporal William R. Prom would be posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for the bravery that cost him his life that day. Prom may have been a hero, but he was also just an American boy who dreamed of being […]

This Day in History: A raid at Cabanatuan frees American POWs

On this day in 1945, more than 500 American and Allied POWs are liberated from a camp in the Philippines. They’d been held by the Japanese for years and were the last surviving members of what had once been a much larger group. Indeed, this camp just outside Cabanatuan City was the largest American POW […]