This Day in History: Happy Flag Day!

Happy Flag Day! Did you know that today’s holiday would not exist but for the actions of a 19-year old schoolteacher from Wisconsin?   In other words, anyone, anywhere can make a difference. 🙂 In 1885, Bernard J. Cigrand was teaching in a one-room schoolhouse in Waubeka, Wisconsin. He’d devised a simple class exercise for his […]

This Day in History: An American sailor, captured by a German submarine

On this day in 1918, a Navy lieutenant is held as a German prisoner. Edouard Victor Michel Izac had been captured just a few days earlier, when an American troop transport was torpedoed by the German submarine U-90. After launching its torpedoes, the German submarine circled back around to confront the crew of USS President […]

This Day in History: USS Jacob Jones is torpedoed by a German submarine

On this day in 1917, the destroyer USS Jacob Jones is torpedoed as she travels near the Isles of Scilly. Jacob Jones would prove to be the first American destroyer lost to an enemy submarine during World War I. Jacob Jones left for Europe almost as soon as the United States declared war on Germany […]

This Day in History: One-time pacifist Alvin York earns a Medal of Honor

On this day in 1918, then-Corporal Alvin York distinguishes himself for bravery in a battle near Chatel-Chehery, France. The one-time pacifist took out a machine gun nest! He would later be awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions. York was born in December 1887, the son of Tennessee farmers. He worked the farm and […]

RMS Lusitania torpedoed; Germans push United States towards war

I am reposting a two-part story that appeared on my Facebook page on May 7 and 8.  I hope everyone enjoys the story! On this day in 1915 [May 7], the RMS Lusitania is torpedoed by a German U-boat. Shockingly, Lusitania sank in only 18 minutes! Nearly 1,200 people, including 123 Americans, were killed. How could […]