This Day in History: The War of 1812 & a British siege of Fort Erie

On this day in 1814, the British besiege Fort Erie. It had been mere days since American and British forces had clashed at the Battle of Lundy’s Lane, the bloodiest land battle of the War of 1812! At that battle, Americans under Major General Jacob Brown fought until late in the night, but they finally […]

This Day in History: The Bloodiest Land Battle in the War of 1812

On this day in 1814, Americans fight the Battle of Lundy’s Lane—the bloodiest land battle of the War of 1812. The conflict occurred just after American forces invaded Canada near the Niagara River. Yes, you read that right. We invaded Canada! And that invasion was going pretty well at first. On July 3, Americans captured […]

This Day in History: The “forgotten” War of 1812 begins

On this day in 1812, President James Madison signs a declaration of war against the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. His signature marked the official beginning of the War of 1812, a war that has been called the “forgotten” war. Today, no one really seems to understand the War of 1812 or to […]

This Day in History: Andrew Jackson & The Battle of New Orleans

On this day in 1815, Americans defeat British forces at the Battle of New Orleans. Did you know that we used to celebrate January 8 as a national holiday, with fireworks and celebrations, just like we do the Fourth of July? Several weeks ago, I made a similar statement about “Evacuation Day,” the once-celebrated (now […]

This Day in History: Dolley Madison saves Washington’s portrait

On this day in 1814, First Lady Dolley Madison saves a full-length portrait of George Washington from British troops. She also saved some other White House valuables and a copy of the Declaration of Independence. Her heroism occurred during the War of 1812 between Americans and the British—essentially our second fight for independence. President James […]