This Day in History: MOH recipient Jay Vargas leads an attack on Dai Do

On this day in 1968, a United States Marine leads an attack on the village of Dai Do in Vietnam. Jay Vargas and his men would persevere through a 3-day battle with little to no sleep. Captain Vargas showed such bravery during the conflict that he would ultimately receive the Medal of Honor. There was […]

This Day in History: Thomas Norris & a multi-day rescue effort in Vietnam

On this day in 1972, a Navy SEAL begins a multi-day rescue that would ultimately earn him the Medal of Honor. Two U.S. Air Force airmen had been shot down behind enemy lines! Making matters worse, one of the downed airmen knew critical information about U.S. capabilities. It was Thomas R. Norris’s job to make sure that […]

This Day in History: Tragedy marks the beginning of Operation Babylift

On this day in 1975, the first airplane in “Operation Babylift” departs from a South Vietnamese air field. Unfortunately, that C-5 cargo plane was doomed to crash mere minutes later. A rear cargo door malfunctioned, damaging the tail and causing the plane to decompress. Air Force Captain Dennis “Bud” Traynor found himself in an unimaginable […]

This Day in History: A groundbreaking for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

On this day in 1982, a groundbreaking ceremony is held for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It had been 9 years since the last American combat troops left South Vietnam. The Memorial was the culmination of a three-year project, spearheaded by a group of Vietnam veterans. These veterans wanted to encourage Americans to remember their support […]