This Day in History: The first black Marine to receive a Medal of Honor

On this day in 1968, James Anderson Jr. is posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. He was the first black Marine to receive the Medal. “This Marine, in particular,” the United States Marine Corps website states, “accomplished in an instant, what most people will never do in a life time.” In some ways, Anderson was […]

This Day in History: Ronald Eric Ray’s action against the Viet Cong

On this day in 1966, a United States Army lieutenant leads his company in an action against the Viet Cong. Ronald Eric Ray would receive the Medal of Honor for his bravery and leadership on this day so long ago. One has to wonder if Ray was practically destined for such military service? He was […]

This Day in History: The nuclear submarine USS Scorpion, missing in action

On this day in 1968, a nuclear submarine in the United States Navy is missing in action—except no one seemed to realize it. Instead, family and friends of USS Scorpion’s crew would cheerfully gather at a dock in Norfolk, Virginia, on May 27. They were thrilled and excited to welcome their fathers, husbands, and brothers […]

This Day in History: MOH recipient Jay Vargas leads an attack on Dai Do

On this day in 1968, a United States Marine leads an attack on the village of Dai Do in Vietnam. Jay Vargas and his men would persevere through a 3-day battle with little to no sleep. Captain Vargas showed such bravery during the conflict that he would ultimately receive the Medal of Honor. There was […]