This Day in History: Operation Ivory Coast tries (and fails) to rescue Vietnam POWs

On this day in 1970, the United States tries—and fails—to rescue POWs being held near Hanoi, Vietnam. What a disappointment! Preparations had been ongoing for months. But, in the end, more than 70 prisoners would remain behind, still captives in Vietnam. “[E]very man involved in Operation Ivory Coast brought home a broken heart,” one POW […]

This Day in History: A former prisoner-of-war receives his Medal of Honor

On this day in 1973, the Medal of Honor is presented to Air Force pilot Leo K. Thorsness. His Medal had been delayed for years! It couldn’t be awarded earlier because Thorsness had been a prisoner of war in Vietnam. The Medal nomination had to be kept secret while he was there. Think about it. […]

This Day in History: The tragedy of USS Frank E. Evans

On this day in 1944, USS Frank E. Evans is launched. The destroyer’s service would tragically came to an end during the Vietnam War when she accidentally collided with the Australian carrier HMAS Melbourne. Seventy-four sailors were killed that day, but they were never added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. But why? As it […]