This Day in History: Platoon Sergeant Matthew Leonard saves his men

On this day in 1929, a hero is born in Eutaw, Alabama. Matthew Leonard grew up in the midst of the segregated South—but he rose above it. Perhaps you’d expect nothing less from a boy who was known for walking school hallways in his Boy Scout uniform? Leonard met his future wife, Lois, when he […]

This Day in History: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is dedicated

On this day in 1982, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is dedicated. When the Memorial’s long, black walls were first proposed, they sparked controversy. Since then, they have become a place of reverence and healing. The Memorial might never have existed but for Jan C. Scruggs, a Vietnam War veteran. The years after the war were […]

This Day in History: Brian Buker saves his men in Vietnam

On this day in 2010, a family donates a Medal of Honor to a high school in Maine. Sergeant Brian Buker’s alma mater, Lawrence High School, received the medal and put it on display in the school library. “It will show to the other children just what he was and what they could be . […]

This Day in History: Father Vincent Capodanno’s Medal of Honor

On this day in 1967, a Navy chaplain makes the ultimate sacrifice as he ministers to his Marines during the Vietnam War. Father Vincent Capodanno would receive a Medal of Honor for his selfless actions on this day so long ago. Father Capodanno has since been declared a “Servant of God” by the Catholic Church, and […]