This Day in History: The Second Continental Congress gets down to business

On this day in 1775, delegates from the American colonies convene in a Continental Congress. They’d met the day before to appoint officers and to ask that the Reverend Duché be available to start the next day’s proceedings with prayer. Now they were ready to get down to business. The Congress was badly needed! Armed […]

This Day in History: Virginia militia make a stand at Petersburg

On this day in 1781, the battle of Petersburg is fought in Virginia. Some history books list the event as a “skirmish,” but it was surely more than that. The battle was fought by roughly 3,500 men and lasted for 3 hours! The British had not really focused on Virginia for most of the Revolutionary […]

This Day in History: Thomas McKean, President before George Washington?

On this day in 1734, Thomas McKean is born. He was President of the United States before George Washington was! Well, sort of. 😉 McKean was a President under the Articles of Confederation, not the U.S. Constitution. But when George Washington won his victory at Yorktown, he reported it to McKean. McKean held many positions […]