This Day in History: Texas joins the Union as the 28th state

God Bless Texas! On this day in 1845, Texas joins the Union as the 28th state. Of course, we were the Republic of Texas immediately before that. Texas won its independence from Mexico in 1836, and it was an independent nation for more than nine years before it joined the Union. But annexation into the […]

This Day in History: The first shots of the Texas Revolution

On this day in 1835, the Texas Revolution begins! Did you know that the first battle was fought because Texans decided that the Mexicans would have to pull an old, small cannon out of their cold, dead hands? Does that fact, alone, explain my home state?! 😉 The Texas Revolution wasn’t fought entirely over one […]

This Day in History: Mexican General Santa Anna orders Texans at Goliad executed

On this day in 1836, the Goliad Massacre takes place. Most of you have heard “Remember the Alamo!” Did you know that “Remember Goliad!” was another battle cry used by Texans? The events at Goliad occurred just two short weeks after Texans were defeated at the Alamo. Colonel James Fannin was then at Goliad, building […]

This Day in History: The Battle of the Alamo

  On this day in 1836, the Battle of the Alamo is fought. Despite a valiant defense by the Texans (then called Texians), the Mexican Army is victorious. Okay, so I already discussed the long siege and battle a few days ago. But can you ever really say too much about Texas?! Ha. So, in […]

This Day in History: William B. Travis and the Siege at the Alamo

On this day in 1836, Texans hold their ground during a siege at the Alamo. The very next day, Texas would declare its independence from Mexico! The siege at the Alamo and the battle that followed were among the most pivotal events of the Texas Revolution. Almost one week earlier, on February 23, 1836, Mexican […]