Connecticut to Consider Anti-Electoral College Move this Monday, Feb 25

Connecticut’s GAE commitee will hold a hearing on anti-Electoral College legislation this Monday, February 25.  The bill under consideration is SB 432, the National Popular Vote bill.  This is not the first time that Connecticut has considered this dangerous piece of legislation.  The GAE committee considered the same measure in 2011.  I was able to […]

Crazy Electoral College Ideas. Again.

Just when you think anti-Electoral College opponents can’t come up with any more crazy modifications to the system……well, here they are again, with yet another silly idea. This reporter approvingly cites a proposition that we re-divide the United States into 50 new entities. Apparently, he means to ditch the existing states and their governments entirely. (Because it […]

More on “Blowing up” the Electoral Vote

Yet another article about how Republicans are trying to “blow up” or “rig” the electoral vote, even as the MSM manages to ignore Democratic efforts along these lines…. This particular article contains an interesting statement.  Republican Saul Anuzis attempts to argue in favor of the anti-Electoral College NPV, but he is really making an argument against it:  He […]

Anti-Electoral College group caught with its hand in the cookie jar!

For those of you who have been following the ill-advised National Popular Vote legislation……You may get a chuckle out of this. NPV is a California-based group that is pushing election “reform.” It constantly pretends that its plan is not anti-Electoral College, and it vehemently rejects the contention that its legislation would eliminate the Electoral College system.  I hear it constantly […]

No Electoral College = No President-Elect Yet?

I ran across an interesting post on the Washington Times website the other day.  The post was understated, basically an afterthought to this year’s election.  The writer was simply remarking upon updated popular vote totals. Guess what? Mitt Romney finally passed John McCain’s high water mark from 2008.  One less thing to bash the Romney […]