The Electoral College, in a Nutshell

Recent posts on my Facebook page prompted me to create this chart.  Our Electoral College is under attack!  As with so many of our constitutional institutions, the system is a bit misunderstood but also vital to the health of our republic.  I hope this chart helps to show its importance, in a nutshell. Naturally, more […]

Disgracing the Electoral College

“I do not, gentlemen, trust you!” thundered Gunning Bedford at the Constitutional Convention. He was a small state delegate, speaking directly to those from the large states. “If you possess the power,” he continued, “the abuse of it could not be checked; and what then would prevent you from exercising it to our destruction?” The […]

Will Oregon be the next to ditch the Electoral College?

Today, a House committee in Oregon will hear testimony on the so-called National Popular Vote bill.  By way of reminder: NPV is a California-based group that hopes to effectively eliminate the Electoral College without the bother of a constitutional amendment. NPV asks states to change their manner of electoral vote allocation. Participating states would give […]

Update on Anti-Electoral College Efforts

The attacks on the Electoral College are continuing!  Most Americans, of course, have no idea that the system is in danger.  News headlines are focused on sequestration, the economy, gun control, and other, similar issues. Meanwhile, your state legislator is deciding whether your state will or will not participate in a plan to abolish America’s […]

Rhode Island to Kill Its Voice in Presidential Elections?

Rhode Island’s Senate Committee on Judiciary is considering anti-Electoral College legislation tomorrow.  This so-called National Popular Vote effort has some appealing sound bites, but the reality is that its legislation carries many legal and logistical problems. NPV claims it is making every vote equal.  In the meantime, its legislation will inevitably make everyone more unequal, as I describe in the testimony that I have submitted to the […]