Medal of Honor Monday: Father Vincent Capodanno

On (almost) this day in 1967, a Navy chaplain makes the ultimate sacrifice as he ministers to his Marines during the Vietnam War. Father Vincent Capodanno would receive a Medal of Honor for his selfless actions on this day so long ago. Father Capodanno has since been declared a “Servant of God” by the Catholic […]

Medal of Honor Monday: USS Memphis is wrecked by a massive tidal wave

On this day in 1916, a U.S. Navy armored cruiser is wrecked by a massive tidal wave. USS Memphis was effectively destroyed and dozens of her crew were lost. Three sailors would earn the Medal of Honor for their actions that day. One of the three Medals had to be awarded posthumously. Perhaps the tragedy […]

Medal of Honor Monday: Combat medic Charles Hagemeister

On this day in 1946, a future Medal of Honor recipient is born. Charles “Chuck” Hagemeister was a Nebraska native who perhaps hadn’t intended to enter the Army in the first place. “In high school, Vietnam had just started,” he later recounted. “We were just barely getting involved. And there was talking about, you know, […]

Medal of Honor Monday: Joe Ronnie Hooper, almost forgotten hero?

On this day in 1938, a future Medal of Honor recipient is born! Joe Ronnie Hooper would serve in both the Army and the Navy, and he would become one of our nation’s most decorated soldiers. Surely those who knew his rough background never expected him to become a war hero!? Let’s just say that […]

Medal of Honor Monday: Operation Tidal Wave

On this day in 1943, Operation Tidal Wave begins! Nearly 180 Consolidated B-24 Liberator bombers embark on a lengthy mission to destroy oil refineries in Ploesti, Romania. The mission has been called the “longest, bloodiest, most heroic bombing mission in history.” The day would come to be known as Black Sunday. Five men would receive […]