This Day in History: The quiet guy who earned the Medal of Honor

During this week in 1928, a future Medal of Honor recipient is born in Hawaii. Herbert K. Pililaau never lived to see his home become a state. Instead, when Pililaau was killed in action, Hawaii was still only a United States territory. Surely no one expected the quiet Hawaiian to one day earn the Medal […]

This Day in History: The only Coast Guardsman to receive the Medal of Honor

On this day in 1942, a United States Coast Guardsman gives his life for a detachment of Marines. Signalman First Class Douglas Munro’s sacrifice would save the lives of hundreds of Marines, including then-Lieutenant Colonel Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller Munro would be posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his action. He is the only member […]

This Day in History: Van T. Barfoot versus three German tanks

During this week in 1944, a soldier receives the Medal of Honor at a ceremony in Epinal, France. Colonel Van T. Barfoot has been called “[o]ne of the most significant Native-American heroes of World War II”—but he might be better known for a 2009 fight to keep the American flag flying in his front yard. […]

This Day in History: Brian Buker saves his men in Vietnam

On this day in 2010, a family donates a Medal of Honor to a high school in Maine. Sergeant Brian Buker’s alma mater, Lawrence High School, received the medal and put it on display in the school library. “It will show to the other children just what he was and what they could be . […]