Should the U.S. Abolish the Electoral College System?

Naturally, I think the answer is “no”! I was asked to participate in this debate, appearing at  The link is here.  The following experts (besides myself) have posted thoughts on the matter.  Please feel free to post comments here or at NerdWallet! Jessica Peck, Esq., Executive Director of Colorado’s Open Government Institute Professor Gerald […]

People keep asking why I wrote a book about the Electoral College, so…..

People keep asking me why I wrote a book about the Electoral College.  The answer is not what you might expect!  Here is an excerpt from the second edition of my book, which explains how I accidentally found myself writing a book about our presidential election system: This author is an accidental defender of the Electoral College. […]

Electoral College Myth: The Electoral College is Undemocratic

Myth number 3 in my series on Electoral College Myths! Myth: The person who wins the national popular vote should win the White House. The Electoral College does not guarantee such results and is thus undemocratic. Fact: The question is not “democracy” v. “no democracy.” The question is “democracy with federalism” (the Electoral College) v. […]

Electoral College Myth: The Founders Did Not Trust the People

Per my note on Wednesday, here is Myth #2 in my “Electoral College Myth” series.  Comments welcome! Myth: The Founders created the Electoral College because they did not trust the people to govern themselves. Fact: The Founders knew that the voice of the people must be reflected in the government if it was to be […]