Electoral College Myth: The System Disenfranchises Voters Who Live in “Safe” States

Myth number 7 in my series on Electoral College myths. Please don’t miss the earlier myths, posted here, here, here, here, here, and here. Myth:  Most voters don’t count in presidential elections. The winner-take-all allocation of electoral votes in the states ensures that some voters are disenfranchised, left on the sidelines to watch, as voters […]

A nice surprise in my Twitter feed!

Thanks to Professor Derek Muller for his review of Enlightened Democracy‘s 2nd edition.  I very much appreciate the recommendation! Library of Law and Liberty: Tempering Faction with the Electoral College’s Reasonable Majorities  

Did you know that JFK was a defender of the Electoral College?

Speaking in support of the Electoral College, John F. Kennedy once referred to the checks and balances in the Constitution as a “solar system” of power: [I]t is not only the unit vote for the Presidency we are talking about, but a whole solar system of governmental power. If it is proposed to change the […]