Connecticut Subverts the Electoral College, Rejecting Its Own History

Opponents of the Electoral College achieved an important victory last weekend when Connecticut’s legislature passed the so-called National Popular Vote compact. Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is expected to sign the measure. Most Americans have never heard of the National Popular Vote compact, but it is shockingly close to causing a major political and legal […]

Will Connecticut vote to effectively eliminate the Electoral College?

Connecticut’s GAE Committee held a hearing on anti-Electoral College legislation earlier today. I testified before the committee and also submitted handwritten testimony, which I have reprinted below. If you are from Connecticut, I encourage you to learn more about this dangerous legislation before it is too late!  The Electoral College was designed to protect small states […]

When oversight becomes overreach

Donald Trump was elected with an electoral vote victory, despite a popular vote defeat. How ironic, then, that he would institute a federal fraud commission that is helping to undermine the principles upon which the Electoral College was founded. The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity is already proving that the federal government should never […]

Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie . . . and the Electoral College?

“Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet. They go together in the good ‘ole USA.”  The commercial jingle was an instant hit in the 1970s. But could baseball be even more reflective of the American spirit than anyone suspects? Perhaps so. Believe it or not, the rules of baseball teach us something about the United States Constitution—and […]