Romney’s Electoral College Problem – or Obama’s?

Michael Medved writes a column in which he expresses concern that Mitt Romney might win the electoral vote, but lose the popular vote: The answer, he suggests, is for Romney to “campaign vigorously in all large states, even those with no realistic possibility for statewide GOP victory.” I respectfully disagree. To be fair, Medved […]

Is the Election All About Swing States? Or Do Safe States Matter, Too?

The National Popular Vote crowd likes to gripe that presidential elections are “only” about a small number of swing states. According to NPV, the rest of the states don’t matter in presidential elections. These statements appear true if we look at one presidential election year, in isolation, but if we look at the full history […]

Ronald Reagan on the Electoral College

“The very basis for our freedom is that we are a Federation of Sovereign States. Our Constitution recognizes that certain rights belong to the state and cannot be infringed upon by the National government. This is the guaranty that small states or rural, sparsely populated areas will have a proportionate voice in national affairs. “Those […]