National Popular Vote: Making Every Vote Unequal

Anti-Electoral College advocates see a window of opportunity to eliminate America’s unique presidential election system. They are seizing the moment, working to implement change before anyone realizes what happened. They even think they can do it without a constitutional amendment. National Popular Vote (NPV) is a California-based effort that has been running under the radar.  […]

National Popular Vote: Look Before You Leap

“I think I made a mistake by coming here.” A gentle-looking woman had flagged me down in the hall and was standing next to me, an earnest look on her face. We’d just left a state legislative hearing in Connecticut. She’d come to show her support for the so-called National Popular Vote (NPV) bill. That […]

Why Colorado should reject the National Popular Vote

The legislative process, it’s been said, is a bit like making sausage: No one really wants to know what goes into certain foods. But in the case of the National Popular Vote legislation, currently pending in the Colorado legislature, it’s critical that the ingredients are examined more carefully. The product of this particular sausage factory will prove […]

No, the Electoral College Is Not a ‘Shadow of Slavery’s Power’

“There you go again,” Ronald Reagan famously joked in 1980 when President Jimmy Carter painted an inaccurate picture of one of his policies. Perhaps he’d say the same of those who are distorting the history of the Electoral College today. New York’s newest congresswoman, Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has been quick to jump onto this bandwagon, […]

The Electoral College: Misunderstood, Unappreciated

“The story of the Electoral College,” one pundit recently wrote, “is also one of slavery.” Such a comment is just the tip of the iceberg. The Electoral College has been taking quite a beating lately. Even former President Barack Obama has jumped onto this bandwagon. “The Electoral College is a vestige,” he told reporters late […]