Polls prove: The Electoral College requires coalition-building

I am going to try for a non-partisan discussion of something that has been in the polls lately. (Wish me luck?! Ha.) Feelings are running strong for and against particular candidates, but this is intended as a discussion of the process itself. If we are to understand our Constitution and our Electoral College, then it’s important to […]

Pennsylvania is Already Looking to 2016

I guess it’s never too early to think about the next presidential election!  Pennsylvania legislators are already considering at least two bills that could change the way the state’s electoral votes are allocated during the 2016 election. The proposals stem from discontent with the 2012 results: Barack Obama won all 20 electoral votes from Pennsylvania, […]

Are Pennsylvania Republicans Manipulating the Electoral College?

Some Pennsylvania Republicans are hoping to change the way that the state allocates its presidential electors. Rather than a winner-take-all system of elector allocation, they would prefer to award electors by congressional district. This system would have given Mitt Romney 13 electoral votes from Pennsylvania. Barack Obama would have received only 7. (Obama received 20 with […]

The Real Presidential Election is Today

I have a piece with Trent England on the National Review website today.  Link is here! The Real Presidential Election is Today Commentators have been arguing about whether Barack Obama does or does not have a mandate in his second term. But technically, Obama hasn’t even been reelected yet. More than a month after millions […]

Did the Electoral College fail America last night?

Last night, Donald Trump tweeted that the “electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.”  His concerns were echoed by others who watched as Mitt Romney temporarily led in the popular vote, despite a looming electoral defeat.  A Rasmussen poll shows lack of support for the institution in the wake of yesterday’s election. On a personal note, […]