This Day in History: Benjamin Harrison wins the White House, despite a popular vote defeat

On this day in 1888, Benjamin Harrison defeats Grover Cleveland for the presidency, despite losing the national popular vote. Cleveland had won 5.5 million votes nationwide! By contrast, Harrison had only 5.4 million. Wait. But Harrison won anyway!? Yes, he did! 😉 The national popular vote tally has no legal significance under our Electoral College […]

This Day in History: Calvin Coolidge is elected in a landslide

On this day in 1924, Calvin Coolidge was elected to the presidency with 382 electoral votes. He’d won 35 states, compared to the 12 won by his Democratic opponent and the single state won by a third-party Progressive candidate. Coolidge had been serving as President since Warren Harding’s sudden heart attack in August 1923. At […]

This Day in History: Harry Truman’s surprising election

On this day in 1948, Harry Truman pulls off a startling victory! Public opinion polls had predicted that he would lose his bid for the presidency . . . except then he didn’t. Indeed, the Chicago Daily Tribune was so sure of Truman’s impending defeat that it pre-printed an erroneous headline in big, bold letters […]

This Day in History: The Attempted Assassination of Teddy Roosevelt

On this day in 1912, Teddy Roosevelt is shot by a would-be assassin. By then, Roosevelt was a former President, but he was campaigning to win the White House again! He’d been campaigning hard. In fact, he traveled and spoke so much that a doctor who had been traveling with him had advised him to […]