This Day in History: Calvin Coolidge is elected President of the United States

On this day in 1924, Calvin Coolidge is elected President of the United States. He’d won 35 states and 382 electoral votes in the Electoral College, compared to 12 states for the Democratic candidate and a single state for a third-party candidate. The result was unsurprising. Americans loved Coolidge! Coolidge was then serving out the […]

This Day in History: Rutherford B. Hayes & his controversial election

On this day in 1822, a future President of the United States is born. Rutherford B. Hayes’s election would be one for the record books! Would you believe that the 1876 election wasn’t decided until two days before Inauguration Day? It makes the contentious 2000 election look like a picnic. The election had started uneventfully […]

This Day in History: The 2000 presidential election finally comes to an end

On this day in 2000, Al Gore concedes the presidential election to George W. Bush. The nation had just survived more than a month of partisan bickering, recounts, and lawsuits. Who would win Florida’s 25 electors? The dispute had consumed the nation’s attention for 36 long days. Do you remember how crazy that month of […]

This Month in History: A split Democratic Party faces the 1948 Election

On this day in 1948, the Democratic Party was on the verge of splitting in two. Less than two months later, a group of southern delegates would march out of the party convention. They were irate about changes to the party platform, and they refused to participate in the nomination of Harry S. Truman for […]

This Day in History: Election uncertainty in 2000

On this day in 2000, Americans woke up to something unusual: It was the day after Election Day, but they didn’t yet know the name of their probable President-elect. Would it be George W. Bush or Al Gore? More than a month of legal wrangling would follow. But did you ever think about this? The […]