This Day in History: Abraham Lincoln is shot at Ford’s Theatre

On this day in 1865, Abraham Lincoln is shot by an assassin. Did you know that Lincoln was shot on Good Friday? April 14 also happened to be Good Friday that year. Unfortunately, as we all know, Lincoln would pass away the next day. The President had decided to spend his Good Friday evening at […]

This Day in History: The beginning of the Civil War

On this day in 1861, the first shot of the Civil War is fired. You may remember from yesterday’s story that Confederate and Union forces had been at a stalemate in South Carolina. The federal government needed to resupply Fort Sumter, but it could not do so without treading into Confederate territory. The Confederacy viewed […]

This Day in History: Confederates demand the surrender of Fort Sumter

On this day in 1861, Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard sends a demand to Union Major Robert Anderson: Surrender Fort Sumter! But how had matters come to such a point? At that point in time, the Civil War still had not really started. States had been seceding, of course. South Carolina was the first to make […]

This Day in History: Union forces capture the City of Richmond

On this day in 1865, Union forces capture the City of Richmond. It was the beginning of the end for Robert E. Lee and the Confederate armies. The Union had long set its sights on Richmond, Virginia, the capital of the Confederacy. Despite several attempts, Richmond had never been captured. But when Ulysses S. Grant […]

This Day in History: The Battle of Bentonville, the Confederacy’s “last hurrah”

On this day in 1865, the Battle of Bentonville begins. The three-day battle has been called the Southern Confederacy’s “last hurrah.” However, the conflict ultimately ended with Confederate General Joseph Johnston’s army in retreat. Union General William T. Sherman was then bringing the second of two devastating campaigns to an end. In late 1864, he’d […]