This Day in History: The Sam Adams of the South is born!

On this day in 1724, the “Sam Adams of the South” is born. You may not know this Patriot’s full name, but you have certainly seen the flag named after him! Christopher Gadsden was nothing if not a fiery patriot. He was among the first to see the need for a declaration of independence. He […]

This Day in History: Battle of Burke County Jail

On this day in 1779, a group of American patriots holds off a contingent of British soldiers at the Burke County Jail in Georgia, despite being badly outnumbered. By this point in the Revolution, the British were frustrated with the status of the war in the North. They decided to pursue a new strategy: A […]

This Day in History: George Washington’s army marches into Valley Forge

On this day in 1777, George Washington’s army marches into Valley Forge. The army would stay there for a long winter encampment. When you think of Valley Forge, you probably think of half-clothed and starving men, suffering through a long (long!) winter, barely surviving. But Valley Forge was so much more than that. For one […]

This Day in History: A Signer of the Declaration of Independence is Born

On this day in 1729, a signer of the Declaration of Independence is born in Amesbury, Massachusetts. In the modern-day show “West Wing,” President Josiah Bartlet is a fictional direct descendant of this guy. You have to wonder what the real Josiah Bartlett would think of that. 😉 Bartlett studied to be a doctor and […]

The Founders, the Ugly Fact of Slavery…..And What We Do With That Today

It seems almost inevitable.  If the Founders are extolled as wise men who gave us great and abiding constitutional principles that mean something, someone will bring up slavery.  The contempt drips from their voices.  They roll their eyes.  HOW can you admire the Founders?  HOW can you value anything they have to say?  They owned slaves!  Period. […]