This Day in History: The tragic fall of Fort Freeland

On this day in 1779, Fort Freeland falls to British and Indian forces. But it did so only after a show of “stout resistance”! The stories of our Revolution aren’t all tales of victories, obviously. But they are often stories of bravery and determination—which is exactly what this one is. At this point in the […]

This Day in History: A Revolutionary War Battle in France?

On this day in 1778, a Revolutionary War battle is fought just off the coast of France. Wait. A battle near France?! In the Revolution? Yes, you read that correctly. 😉 The Battle of Ushant was a pretty big blow to the British Navy, mostly because the Royal Navy believed itself to be unbeatable. Making […]

This Day in History: Who was the Secretary of Congress throughout the Revolution?

On this day in 1789, President George Washington accepts a letter of resignation from someone you’ve never heard of. But maybe your schools should have told you about him! 😉 Charles Thomson was the perpetual secretary of Congress throughout the American Revolution. “[Y]our Services have been important,” Washington wrote Thomson, “as your patriotism was distinguished.” […]

This Day in History: Benjamin Rush on Democracy

On this day in 1789, a signer of the Declaration of Independence writes a letter to John Adams. The letter sounds harsh to modern ears. And yet it makes perfect sense. “A simple democracy,” Benjamin Rush wrote, “or an unbalanced republic, is one of the greatest of evils.” Wait. Democracy . . . . evil?! […]

This Day in History: Patriots set fire to Boston Light

On this day in 1775, American Patriots set fire to Boston Light, then the oldest lighthouse in North America. In many ways, our Revolution was full of these little-known conflicts! Many of the stories are all but lost to history. How sad. These little incidents were, in so many ways, critical to our success. The […]