This Day in History: A Widow Sacrifices Her Home for the Patriot Cause

On this day in 1781, a female hero makes a little-known sacrifice for the Patriot cause. A widow, Rebecca Motte, gave Brigadier General Francis Marion (“the Swamp Fox”) and Lt. Colonel “Light Horse Harry” Lee permission to burn down her home! At the time, her plantation was occupied by nearly 200 British, Loyalist and Hessian […]

This Day in History: Future President Andrew Jackson is captured by the British

On this day in 1781, future President Andrew Jackson is captured by the British. He was only 14 years old! His older brother Robert was also captured. Jackson’s childhood, including his imprisonment during the Revolution, no doubt explains the feisty nature of our 7th President. He once said of himself: “I was born for a […]

This Day in History: William Prescott, a hero of Bunker Hill

On this day in 1726, William Prescott is born in Groton, Massachusetts. He is best known for his role in the Battle of Bunker Hill. You may remember that Americans besieged the British in Boston following the Battles of Lexington and Concord in April 1775. A few months into the siege, Americans became worried that […]

This Day in History: The Sam Adams of the South is born!

On this day in 1724, the “Sam Adams of the South” is born. You may not know this Patriot’s full name, but you have certainly seen the flag named after him! Christopher Gadsden was nothing if not a fiery patriot. He was among the first to see the need for a declaration of independence. He […]

This Day in History: Battle of Burke County Jail

On this day in 1779, a group of American patriots holds off a contingent of British soldiers at the Burke County Jail in Georgia, despite being badly outnumbered. By this point in the Revolution, the British were frustrated with the status of the war in the North. They decided to pursue a new strategy: A […]