This Day in History: The Swamp Fox outwits a band of Loyalists

On this day in 1780, Francis Marion wins a victory against Loyalist forces at the Battle of Blue Savannah. Marion later came to be known as the “Swamp Fox.” Perhaps you will see why! Americans in South Carolina needed some good news. The British had been holding the state in the wake of their victory […]

This Day in History: The Battle of Cooch’s Bridge

On this day in 1777, the Battle of Cooch’s Bridge occurs. Some speculate that this battle was the first at which the Stars and Stripes were flown! Appropriate, if so? This battle was the only Revolutionary War battle to occur in Delaware—later the first state to ratify the Constitution. The battle occurred mere days after General […]

This Day in History: The first ships in “Washington’s Navy”

On this day in 1775, George Washington directs Nicolson Broughton to take command of the first ship in Washington’s navy. Washington’s action was separate from the first congressional action on this point, which would occur more than a month later. The war had just started! The colonies were figuring out how to work together. Washington […]

This Day in History: The odd duel of Christopher Gadsden & Robert Howe

On this day in 1778, Brigadier General Christopher Gadsden and Major General Robert Howe engage in a duel. You may remember Gadsden for the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag that was named after him. 😉 The duel was the culmination of a long-running dispute over rank. Then-Brigadier General Howe had been put in charge of […]

This Day in History: Washington’s escape from Long Island

On this day in 1776, George Washington and his troops make a miraculous escape across the East River and into Manhattan. The British failed to notice until it was too late! Two days earlier, Americans had suffered a crushing defeat at Brooklyn Heights. That battle had ended with Washington’s army cornered in Brooklyn. (See August […]